Little Village Country Day School

School Closing Policy




      Now that winter is here we'd like to inform you of inclement weather conditions.
If we have snow during the night, please call the school phone (973-895-4338) to hear the message. The message will indicate a school closing or delayed opening. The delay will
generally be for 9:00 a.m. Should snowfall begin in the morning, and we need to close
school, we will call you. Please check your emergency numbers in case you cannot make
it to the school. As soon as we determine a closing every child should be dismissed within
the hour to ensure their safety as well as the teachers.
       If Shongum or Center Grove has an early dismissal there is no transportation to
Little Village. If your child has P.M. SHONGUM KINDERGARTEN, you will need to
pick them up here at 12:30. The A.M. SHONGUM KINDERGARTNERS will be
dropped off at their morning bus stop. They will not be bused here. Please make the
appropriate arrangements. This is a Randolph transportation policy. If you have any
further concerns please ask us or call the elementary school for further information.

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