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School Overview, History & Summer Camp

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School Overview

Little Village Country Day School is now in its 14th year of operation. It provides students with a comprehensive background that will prepare them successfully for the challenges of their academic school years. We accept students from the ages of 2 to 6 and offer individualized classrooms for toddlers and pre-school, as well as an excellent kindergarten program. Transportation is provided for kindergarten students at Shongum School.

      Our curriculum provides learning centers to introduce students to reading, phonics, math, science, art, and music. A listening center helps students with reading and phonics, and computers are available for students to explore a multitude of curriculum areas.

      Little Village is proud to offer a unique science program, which is a daily
part of our curriculum. Our students study the solar system, human body, dinosaurs and
fossils, bugs and insects, sea animals, etc. We provide our students with as much visual and hands-on opportunities reinforced with nature/science videos, microscopes, and experiments.

      Little Village provides a solid learning foundation as well as building self esteem
for a bright and successful future.

Full and Half Day Programs, Before and After Care, Advanced Kindergarten featuring "Smart Classroom", Summer Programs, and Security System

      Little Village is now enrolling. For information, please call 973-895-4338 to speak to one of our state licensed, certified staff and to set up an appointment.

Building History

     The building that houses Little Village Country Day School was once
called Walnut Grove. It began as a Methodist Episcopal Church and was established in 1847. The original building was only one room, which is now the kindergarten. The two front classrooms, along with the office, foyer, and bell tower, were not added until 1894. The church closed in 1967, and remained vacant until it was sold in the 1980s.

Summer Camp

Special Events, Traveling Farm, Music Program, Science Program, Campfire, 4th of July Party, "Cool" Crafts, Inflatable's, Cooking Days, Reptile Man, Geography

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