~Little Scientists®~

The goal of Little Scientists® is to excite children about the world of science. Demonstrations, interactive projects and a parent booklet are all part of the Little Scientists® program. The experiments are designed to increase the child's natural curiosity about the world around them in a supportive positively reinforcing environment.

Topics include:
Human Body, Five Senses, Solar System, How Plants Grow, Geography, Under the Sea, Rain Forest, Weather, Animal Regions, Seasons, Minerals and Rocks, Chemistry, & Static Electricity.

~Little Village Chef~
A new after school program!

This program will give your child a hands on opportunity to spend 1 hour a week in the kitchen learning all about the wonderful world of cooking. From measuring and mixing to baking and tasting. "Cooking Days" here at the Little Village are always very enjoyable for all.

The children really seem to enjoy creating edible projects they can bring home and share with their families. This is what gave us the idea of offering "The Little Village Chef" as an extra curricular activity. This would allow your child to continue their learning experience beyond a regular school day at the same location.

~Other Special Events~